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Sponsorship Program

The ZENITH RH business sponsorship campaign 

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+ 30%

You recommend us 

your contact

We get a project

thanks to this recommendation

You gain the 30%

of the ZENITH's margin

Top talent often has connections to other amazing talent!

Refer a staffing need (Freelance or CDI) and receive the 30% of the Zenith's margin for the duration of the placement.


Here's how it works:


1. We discuss it together to pre-qualify the need together and resolve the contractual aspects.

2. You put us in contact with the person in charge of the need: we take care of qualifying the need, launching the research, proposing the profiles and organizing the interviews.

3. Successful Placement: If our team successfully establishes a fruitful collaboration based on your recommendation, you will receive 30% of the Zenith's margin every month for the duration of the placement. The details of the calculation are as follows: (TJM sale - TJM purchase)*Number of days worked 30%

4. Unlimited Earning Potential: Make as many recommendations as you want. Your earning potential is unlimited!

So whether you know someone looking for a new project or a company in need of IT talent, share this opportunity and watch your rewards grow!


Let's go on an adventure together and raise the firmament of Zenith!

Recommend a recruitment opportunity

Thank you!

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