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The Zenith touch

Why choose Zenith

Since our creation, we have had the objective of invariably improving ourselves and refining the quality of our service. Our clients and consultants always come first.

Here, in black and white, are the benefits you can benefit from as a customer at Zenith:

1. A complete IT staffing solution

This covers both your short-term needs with our freelance talent pool and your long-term needs with our headhunting service for permanent positions.

2. Relevance of the profiles offered

We collect all the essential elements during our first exchange to provide an impeccable match, taking into account both technical skills and behavioral skills in line with your needs and your company culture.

3. Responsiveness

Allowing us to present qualified profiles within 24 hours.

4. Perseverance

We work with dedication on all your needs, even the most difficult to meet.

5. Flexibility

We offer innovative solutions to meet the specific needs of your business and context.

6. Quality process

  • We invest in technology to continually improve, which allows us to offer after just 3 years:

  • An interface to manage proposed profiles, giving you the ability to provide feedback and schedule interviews with candidates.

  • Contracts and amendments managed by electronic signatures.

  • Access to our internal solution for automated management of CRA/Timesheets with electronic signatures.

  • A client portal giving you access to your consultants' contractual information, timesheet history and invoice status.

7. 100% of our taxes are paid in France

And lots of other little details that make the difference 😉

Become a client at Zenith and unlock a world of opportunities!

Our tailored, innovative solutions are here to empower you and your business to navigate the exciting IT landscape.

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