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Find the IT talent you need

As a recruitment agency specializing in IT jobs in short supply, we offer our clients innovative and customized solutions to strengthen their IT teams


The recruitment agency for your IT needs

Zenith is a recruitment agency specialized in the IT sector

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Our mission is to help businesses recruiting the best talents within a competitive market 

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Our promise is to provide innovative and tailored solutions so to help your clients recruiting the best IT profiles as freelence or as permanent position

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Our IT services offer

In order to reduce the distance between 

mainstream permanent employment and freelancing, which is becoming more and more permeable, our global offer allows us to have a 360° vision of the market


We connect freelancers with companies for

urgent staffing needs

Furthermore, we also recruit on a permanent contract for lasting recruitment needs

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Our recruiting process

Fill in the form on the site, our team will contact you within 1 hour.


This first phase is critical to maximize the chances of success. Test us! It's free, we only work on results!

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In less than 24 hours, we will propose you a qualified profile. Our interactive tools will allow you to follow the evolution of the search and automate the appointment with the candidate in complete autonomy.

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Once the selection process is complete, we set the objectives and deliverables of the mission together. Finally, we proceed to the contract and settling the details of the consultant's arrival. 

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Throughout the mission, we play our role of intermediation by carrying out regular follows-up of the service.

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This phase - often neglected - is critical to ensure that the transfer of competences has taken place and that the awaiting deliverables are at the expected level.

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Our partners

At Zenith

Quality experts within the IT sector

We apply the tenet of a consistent improvement on a daily basis. Feedback is a key tool that we follow scrupulously to constantly enhance the quality of our service while at the same time increase our clients' satisfaction.

The identification of the needs is an essential phase that allows us to propose our clients the right profiles.

Transparent pricing

In order to be transparent, we share our margin rate with our clients and consultants. Furthermore, we offer loyalty programs of interest for our business partners.

The 100% digital solution for your IT freelance mission

Thanks to our network of developers, we offer free tools - developed in-house on the Django framework - that facilitate missions management (e.g. automated time tracking, satisfaction surveys, automatic billing and many other features to come).

We invest in the best tools on the market in order to digitalize the entire recruitment process: sourcing, selection, reference taking and mission follow-up.

We rely on innovative gamechanging solutions within the recruiting world. Overall, this allows us to focus on what is essential: people!

Our latests articles on Zenith Blog

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In-depth customer knowledge

Once some of us have been clients or consultants, we have delivered projects "in schedule" "in budget".

We use this experience to understand your needs and identify the relevance of certain soft skills required either by your team in place and your context.

IT at heart

We apply the IT best practices: the documentation of our internal processes, agile methodology implementation and the principle of an ongoing improvement.

Lastly, we automate all the tasks that allow it. 

An appetite for HR Tech solutions

HR departments are currently open toward innovative game changing recruiting solutions.

These inspire us to constantly improve and offer our clients the best solution.

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Are you a freelance?

Are you looking for a mission?

Zenith has the solution to help you in

facilitating your job research! 
All our IT job offers up to date !

Sponsorship program

Recommend a project and receive

30% of the Zenith margin

for the duration of the placement!


The IT talents platform


The IT talent platform Zenith Timesheet is our in-house tool that allows our freelancers and our clients to manage their monthly timesheet completely automatically.

As a consultant at Zenith

you can fill your timesheet 

at the end of the month so to let

your manager validate your worked days.

As a client you will be notified by email

when the monthly timesheet of your

consultant will need to be validated.

You can validate/reject/download 

the PDF version of the timesheet.

Take a look at our platform

You can find online

all the videos of our 
in-house tool here          

Zenith Timesheet

Why using our platform of IT freelancers?

Zenith Timesheet is the in-house tool that will help you keep an eye on the progress of your placement and its effective monitoring. 


As a manager, you have access to a centralized dashboard where handling your consultants’ timesheet is made effortless. Here, a clear overview on the workload of your consultants enables effective resource allocation and project planning. 

As a consultant, communication is made efficient with our intuitive interface that allows you to share your working days, availability and workload easily to your manager. 


Being an in-house tool by Zenith, we guarantee and provide you with full customized assistance.

What are the main functions of our IT talents platform?

1. Efficient Timesheet Creation and submissio 

Our tool simplifies the creation of timesheets for our consultants. They can easily enter the days they worked within a given month, indicating their availability allowing them to rapidly submit their monthly timesheet. This straightforward submission process saves time and ensures accurate documentation of their working days.ility and absence. The intuitive interface allows for a quick selection of working days.


2. Monthly Timesheet Review

Our tool facilitates the monthly review of timesheets by the designated customer managers. They can quickly review the submitted timesheets to verify the accuracy of the recorded working days.This ensures that the timesheets align with the agreed-upon consultants’ availability.


3. Compliance and Documentation

Zenith Timesheet helps maintain compliance with regulations and company’s policies by providing a reliable record of the consultants' working days. This documentation can be crucial for audits or legal purposes, demonstrating the adherence to contractual obligations and ensuring transparency.


4. Reminders and Notifications

To further enhance efficiency, our tool incorporates automated reminders and notifications. Our consultants receive gentle reminders to submit their timesheets on time, ensuring compliance with project timelines and billing cycles. Managers, on the other hand, are notified of pending timesheets requiring their attention. These reminders and notifications keep everyone on track and prevent any unnecessary delays in the timesheet approval process.


By leveraging our timesheet management tool, your organization can streamline the process of documenting and tracking the whole workload of your placement. It ensures accurate records, facilitates manager oversight, and provides valuable insights for resource planning and project management. Embracing our tool simplifies timesheets management, enhancing productivity and efficiency within your organization.

Our areas of expertise

Our profession is SAP but we do just more than SAP

Our areas of expertise are centered around the following 5 pillars:



Strategy, migration,

management & optimization, engineering and automation, hybrid cloud with a specialization in Azure,

GCP et AWS technologies

Data & Analytics




data visualization, BI,

big data and data science,

DWH Cloud technologies such as Cloudera, Snowflake ou Dataiku




risk management, cybersecurity,








product manager,








Oracle EBS,


The Voice of trust

The experience of our clients

« Alain fulfils his mission perfectly»


« The consultant has the necessary hard skills. He demonstrated that he had the right "soft skills". He remained motivated and involved right to the end. His off-boarding went well  »



« Anna is very good, nothing needs to be changed »



« Very good. Samuel is smiling, friendly and a good listener.  He took a lot of notes when he arrived and integrated quickly  » 


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Contact Form

Import doument

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What is the role of a recruiting agency?

A recruitment agency allows your business projects to take shape and become real. The main job of a recruitment agency is to create durable connections between entrepreneurs and workers.

Why do companies demand a recruiting agency? 

Our role is to identify the best talent in the IT industry using our know-how and in-depth expertise. We are the digital headhunters finding the experts with the technical skills and specialized knowledge your business needs to excel.

Among the objectives, collaborate together to fully understand your specific IT requirements. We put our professional network at your disposal to search for candidates who perfectly match your corporate culture, your strategic objectives and your current projects.

But our work does not stop there. We also play an advisory and support role throughout the recruitment process. We facilitate interviews, assess candidates' technical skills and abilities, and provide you with valuable information to make informed decisions.

Why choosing ZENITH RH as your IT recruiting agency?

As an IT recruitment agency, our ultimate goal is to build strong, high-performing teams that propel your business to new heights in the digital world. Entrust us with your IT talent search and let us help you build a team that pushes the boundaries of innovation and success.

Contact us today to benefit from our IT recruitment expertise and find out how we can help you achieve your strategic objectives.

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