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The recruiter’s guide to ChatGPT: How ChatGPT can help you hire the best candidate

You are a recruiter who wants to use ChatGPT to help you make your recruitment process more efficient, but you do not know where to start. With this step-by-step practical guide, you will be able to implement the best strategies to be used to make ChatGPT an indispensable tool for streamlining your recruitment process.

Follow these steps and you won’t regret it!


1. The context

1.1 Custom instructions

2. The job offer

2.1 The prompt

3. The strategy

1. The context

Before starting, we need to set our tool according to the context. It is essential to provide specific key information by clicking on “Custom instructions” on the left menu.

When we talk about "context" we refer to the environment within which you wish to operate and how you want ChatGPT to respond to your input. That is to say, the “prompt”, of which we will talk about it later.

1.1 Custom instructions

You need to explain a list of information:

1.1 Your profession or role within your business– example, if you are a recruiter within the IT sector, you can simply state your role, how long have you work as an IT recruiter and on what your business is based on.

1.2 Your objectives – so to say, the number of candidates you want to find and place into your clients’ teams and in how much time

1.3 Specified interests

1.4. Your value and principles

1.5 Learning style

1.6. Mastery of the language

1.7 Specialized knowledge

1.8 Educational background

In the second part of your Custom Instructions you can specify:

1.9 Tone of Voice: how you want ChatGPT to reply - formal, informal, professional, dynamic, enthusiastic, spontaneous et authentic

1.10 Response type: you can set ChatGPT to go straight to the point in listing the step-by-step and what it is needed to be done to accomplish the task.

1.11 Detail level: provide practical and synthetic explanations.

1.12 Types of suggestions: share creative and original ideas according to the newest trends within the recruitment sector.

1.13 Types of questions: the questions should stimulate strategic thinking and creativity.

1.14 Verifications: always check the compliance with the best recruitment practices

1.15 Source: always cite the source of the information provided on algorithm updates

1.16 Level of critical thinking: help in critically evaluating the performances.

1.17 Level of creativity: try to be creative when answering questions

1.18 Problem-solving approach: adopt a pragmatic approach

1.19 Bias knowledge: avoid biases when choosing subjects

1.20 Language preferences: you can simply state the languages that you master.

At this point, you have now configured ChatGPT and created the perfect environment so for it to respond at its best.

2. The job offer

Now let’s focus on the second step asking ChatGPT to work on a job offer, but first we need to understand what a “prompt” is.

The prompt has always been used for as long as computers have existed. It is in the technical jargon the instruction – the input – to be given to the machine for it to accomplish what we want it to do.

2.1 The prompt

In the first part of the prompt you will specify that ChatGPT is an expert in recruiting and, with a modern approach, it masters all the techniques to identify recruitment needs.

At this point, you need to specify that its actions are guided by two main principles:

2.1.1 Employer brand: It is how the brand wants to be perceived by the audience – its brand image - both internally and externally.

2.1.2 Employee Advocacy: the employees are the first ambassadors of the brand.

After having defined these two essential points, you can now describe:

2.1.3 The person you are looking for

2.1.4 The mission of the job offer

2.1.5 The characteristics and the main points of your offer

2.1.6 Check if all the already aforementioned points are good enough or it is necessary to fill with more information.

In order to elaborate the perfect job offer, you are going to ask him to list all the lacking information according to the context given in the beginning in the Custom instructions.

Then, you will ask him to provide a critique on this version of the job offer while also giving it a rating from 1 to 5 stars. After, based on the judgment, at the step 3, ChatGPT will optimize the same job offer by providing a better version.

Lastly, you will specify that to go to the next step, ChatGPT will wait for your approval. By doing so, you will take your time to evaluate its replies and reformulate if necessary. In this case we used one of our job offers and asked ChatGPT to optimize it.

The prompt will look like this:

“You are an expert in recruiting, and you master all the techniques to identify recruitment needs.

You have a modern approach to recruiting.

Your actions are guided by two main principles: first, the employer brand; second, the employee advocacy.

You will help me in writing the best job offer. I would love to recruit a Netsuite Consultant on behalf of our client. Under the responsibility of the IT Director, the mission of the consultant is to manage the support and maintenance of Oracle Netsuite. Being the guarantor of improvement by organizing and managing the internal releases, to carry out precise monitoring using the right indicators and to measure customer satisfaction.

The mission and the characteristics of the mission are the following:


Oracle Netsuite support and maintenance:

You are responsible for the Oracle Netsuite support process and problem resolution in accordance with the SLAs defined with the CIO and the VP business operations.

You implement the correct process, relying on internal IT resources and our external third-party provider responsible for maintaining Oracle Netsuite.

You become a Netsuite expert capable of solving certain problems or providing an appropriate response to key users.

Managing Oracle Netsuite enhancements and releases:

You are responsible for the process of covering the business needs in terms of change requests, in accordance with the change and release management process and governance already in place.

You manage change requests prioritized and arbitrated by the business unit concerned, while respecting the allocated budget.

You assign priorities to our external third-party provider in charge of configuration, development, customization, and implementations of Oracle Netsuite, and ensure follow-up.

KPIs and reporting:

You set up the right KPIs and reports to track support activity, change requests and version management, in coordination with the Business Operations team.

You measure customer service level satisfaction and propose relevant and appropriate adjustments to guarantee and increase service levels.


Master's degree and minimum 5 years as an ERP Business Analyst or similar position, ideally in an international company with several legal entities on the same instance, based on a Core Model.


Knowledge of at least one ERP, ideally Oracle Netsuite, with good technical and functional knowledge.

Writing functional specifications.

Project management.

Ability to work with an international team and cross-functional resources.

Fluent English, both spoken and written; French is an asset.

In order to provide with the best job offer, you are going to follow these next steps:

First step: list all the lacking information, if needed, in order to work on the best job offer

Second step: write a first draft of the job description

Third step: review this first draft by giving it a rating out of 5 stars and listing the improvements to be made to obtain 5 stars out of 5 (the perfection).

Fourth step: improve the job offer based on your critics

IMPORTANT: for each step you will ask me to go haed and you will wait my answer to continue”

Step One:

Step Two:

Step Three and Step Four:

3. Strategy

Once the context is clear and the job offer is ready, you can put in place your strategy!

Indeed, you need to share to your audience and let them know that you are looking to hire a professional for a specific need.

You will specify once again it has a modern recruitment approach and that it will help in diffusing our job offer on the network by following the fourth next steps:

3.1 Define the ideal candidate’s profile including both his/her characteristics and expectations.

3.2 Identify the best actions to share the job description and provide a valid explanation for each of them.

3.3 Display in a table a step-by-step list of actions, in order to share the job offer.

3.4 Write an optimized Linkedin post that will be used to share the job offer.

After, you can just copy paste your job offer, prepared before, and your prompt is ready.

Step One and Step Two:

Step Three:

Step Four:

Step Five:

Now you have optimized ChatGPT to help you recruit the best candidate for your mission. For more information, you can watch the following video: How to RECRUIT with CHATGPT? (It's just mind-blowing).

If you are looking for a job or if you are a manager, it is crucial to have a clear understanding of the importance of a well-presented job application and interview!

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